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Plingot can do all of this

At Plingot, we can help you take your idea from the drawing board all the way to the App Store and Google Play. We have extensive experience in building smartphone applications and have practically been working with it since it became a thing.

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At Plingot, we have a wide range of skills in 3D development. We work with VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality) in various fields.

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Behind all innovative features and cool 3D experiences, there is always a support system that makes the function or experience possible. At Plingot, we have very solid expertise in system development, and we build the associated support systems for the apps, games, and 3D projects we take on.

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Plingot will be your partner on the entire journey.

We are passionate about future-proofing and streamlining our customers' business, using digital solutions.

Meet our customers

Meet a Plingot customer

We work with all kinds of companies, large and small. What our customers have in common is that they are best in their respective industries, innovative and eager to push their industries forward. Meet some of them here.

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We are a team of developers with long and broad experience. Complicated problems are what get us up in the morning - we're passionate about challenges and not afraid to constantly raise the bar.

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