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We are a group that turns your ideas into magical and really well-functioning code.

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Solutions with pride

We are a company that continuously strives to find the best solution for our customers, even when you don't know the way yourself. Development is our speciality, and we will help you make well-founded decisions on development-related matters.

We choose our customers carefully and help those we choose from concept to finished product. What we look for in customers are projects that are interesting to us, the industry and society.

We are also keen to ensure that our customers are ultimately proud of the product under their own brand.

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We create magic

Mio Nilsson

Andreas Ekeroth

Alexander Wassbjer

Johannes Terhén Sundlöv

Ulrica Billberg

James Newnorth

Martin Gustavsson

Johan Fogelström

Martin Perez

Issac Sosa Gonzales

Denis Razumnyi

Fia Gustafsson

Anand Sakthivel

Emil Johansson

Alex Wennström

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We are a team of developers with long and broad experience. Complicated problems are what get us up in the morning - we're passionate about challenges and not afraid to constantly raise the bar.

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