App development: Neighbourhood

An app project we are very proud of. We developed Neighbourhood in collaboration with Ulriksbergskyrkan. The app is designed to motivate young people in particularly vulnerable areas to attend school and enter the labour market.

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App with rewards

The app's premise is simple and invites the young people using the app to perform tasks to collect points which they can exchange for various rewards. Which is very similar to the way the labour market works in general - you work and get paid.

The app is structured like a game in which you collect points over time and "level up". The data can consist of, for example, doing homework or practical tasks. The rewards for which the points can be redeemed can include anything from practice driving lessons to a ski trip.

Used in schools

The app is currently used by several schools, and Neighbourhood has built up a large network of volunteers who carry out the tasks that the young people need to complete in order to earn points in the app.

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