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We have built an app that allows users to find available charging stations around Sweden.

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Available charging stations in Sweden

Ladda Bil is the brand new electric car app that is the electric car owner's best friend. The app, where the focus is user-friendliness, allows users to find available charging stations around Sweden. The app contains real-time information for many charging stations where you can easily see availability and price. Or why not use the route planner to easily plan charging along your next trip so you can focus on the trip and not the battery level.

Plingot’s role

Together with strategic partners, we brought the idea to reality. The development has involved many exciting solutions and we can proudly say that the result was awesome!

Real-time update of availability directly in the app. How does it work?
We will tell you. Simply explained, all charging stations can talk to apps through a smart communication tool. Immediately when someone starts or ends a charge, the charging station sends out to the world that its status has changed. Then we are on Ladda Bil and listen for these changes, when a change occurs we update the status inside the application in real time. If you want to know more, get in touch!

And this is just the beginning. We are already planning the further development together of the app.

Ladda Bil contains over 34,000 poles are entered in the Ladda Bil app. Don't believe us? Download the app today, you will find the app where there are apps!


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