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Plingot has broad expertise of 3D development. We work on VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) in various fields.

We work on everything from large, global brands to smaller in-house projects and we have cutting-edge expertise in game engines such as Unreal, Unity and various types of rendering.


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Augmented Reality

Virtual Photography

Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality

We push the limits

We are passionate about 3D development and want to work on projects that are at the forefront, and which push the envelope of what is currently possible. We are, therefore, open to all inquiries about 3D, regardless of scope.

Virtual Photography

We have recently invested a lot of time in, for example, virtual photography, which involves, in practice, being able to take pictures without using a camera or setting up a studio. The pictures are taken in virtually constructed environments, which can be very cost-effective for e.g. companies that continuously require new product images.

desk-wireframe desk-render

Try AR!

We have also built several product configurators with real-time rendering with support for showing the product in AR, directly from the phone. See the example below:

In-house projects

In addition to our customer assignments, we also work on our own in-house projects, such as our Escape Room. Escape Room is a game played on a regular VR headset. See preview below:

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Customer cases

Read more about how we collaborated with London Dynamics.

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We are a team of developers with long and broad experience. Complicated problems are what get us up in the morning - we're passionate about challenges and not afraid to constantly raise the bar.

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