App development: Smålands Spelhall

We have built an app that maximizes the experience in Smålands Spelhall, a gaming arcade in Växjö.

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Maximized experience

Smålands Spelhall has expanded and moved to new premises in Växjö. For their new opening, their vision is to launch a new app that maximizes the gaming experience in the new arcade.

In order to make their vision a reality, Smålands Spelhall contacted Plingot to ask whether we could collaborate with them to develop an app that matched their vision.

Plingot’s role

We are now in full swing with the actual construction of the app, which will contain several fun and smart functions. For example, you will be able to set up a head-to-head game and compete against family and friends - who will get the highest score? Who is the fastest in Sega Rally?

You can also read about all of the available games, read instructions and use a map to locate your favourite games in the arcade. The app will also allow you to easily book your company event, see opening hours and read Spelhallen's contact details.

And this is just the beginning. Together with Smålands Spelhall, we plan to further develop the app and add even more exciting functions in the future. 

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